Garboldisham Parish Council is a body of seven (7) Parishioners elected by their fellow parishioners.  Elections are held every four (4) years and all enfranchised parishioners are eligible to stand, and to vote.  The Council meets on eleven (11) occasions throughout the year, at the Village Hall and the Jubilee Pavilion.  During each meeting, a specific time is allocated for Public Discussion.  Additionally, the Annual Parish Meeting is held in April each year, when members of the public are invited to learn what their Council has done during the past twelve months, and to hear from their County and District Councillors and bodies such as Norfolk Police.

Items regularly discussed are setting the Parish Rate which provides the monies for the Parish Council to undertake its statutory roles.  All planning applications arising in the village are discussed and comments passed to the Planning Department of Breckland District Council.  Footpaths, highways (particularly potholes!!) are discussed and reported to the relevant authority.

The largest expense, apart from the Clerk’s salary, is the cutting of areas of grass around the village.  The Council is responsible for cutting the closed portion of St John the Baptist Churchyard, around the Village Sign and War Memorial and Steppings Footpath.  In addition to maintaining the hedges and trees behind the War Memorial.

Garboldisham Parish Council are also the Custodial and Management Trustees for Garboldisham Recreation Ground, and as such have to maintain this facility in good order for the village, invoice users and ensure that all insurances etc. are current.

Garboldisham Parish Councillors are automatically Trustees of the Surveyor’s Charity.  They meet once per year to allocate the residual funds from investments made following the sale of the old Surveyor’s Lane, Hopton Road, Garboldisham.  The Clerk for this Charity is Mrs Janet Hance.

The Parish Council are the custodians of two paintings belonging to the village, both of which are displayed in the Small Room at The Village Hall  These are of The Bull Painting and Garboldisham Old Hall.